Your Success Starts With You

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Success! We all work towards it everyday. It is sometimes thought to be achieved only by the "lucky ones". Some say it is achieved by those who work hard and who make sacrifices. Who becomes successful is not the question we need to start asking in order to find out how to become successful. The first question to ask is, "What is success to me?" So, what is success to you?

In my youth, while watching music videos on BET, VH1, MTV, or movies like "Parent Trap", "Annie", "Selena", the idea of success that seemed to stand out was, being rich, living in luxury, and surrounding yourself with attractive people. That type of life seemed so glorious. Cousins, school friends and I would get into to long, exaggerated conversations of living a rich and glamorous life. We would play games like watching traffic to claim the nicest vehicles as ours, or watching big houses on tv to claim our future home. Sometimes it got so serious that we would get into loud arguments about a fictitious property ownerships or careers. The words "ignorance is bliss" echoes loudly while I think back on those days.

One day, I heard the story of the rich dad who took his son to a poor farm. In the story, the father wanted to teach his son the value of the extravagant life they lived by showing him a life that was the total opposite. If you haven't read or heard the story before, I won't ruin it for you now, but I will share that it helped me look at success differently. Even though success is normally claimed to be accompanied by either fame or fortune, the truth is, success is a matter of perspective. When defined by Oxford Languages, success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Perspective is your point of view. In short, success is what you make it to be.

1st Step to Success

What is success to you? Is it to be rich and famous, rich without the fame, tour the world, be physically fit, find true love, or make something your own? To be successful, the first step is to know what your purpose or aim is. What goal are you trying to accomplish? Attempting to achieve success without knowing what you intend to do is like walking into a kitchen, but not knowing why you walked into the kitchen. Were you going to eat something? Clean it? Walk out the door? Are you possibly in the wrong place? Without an actual purpose, your actions can lead to a lot of confusion. By walking into the kitchen with no real purpose, you have no clear indication of how close or far you are from being successful. Instead, your actions become meaningless.

2nd Step to Success

Your purpose can be anything. Whether your grand master plan is to make the world a better place, or a short term plan to pass an upcoming test, the possibility of success has been created with your purpose. Now the question of how you become successful can be asked. At this point, we still do not look at who has become successful. Since this is your purpose, and your success, the only " who" that matters is you and what you do from this point on. How do you become successful at your purpose? What steps do you need to make? This is the point where you find all your talents and abilities and fit it in place, leading up to the success of your goal, like a jigsaw puzzle. All the end pieces (your purpose) have been put together to make the boarder of the jigsaw puzzle. Now the pieces to make the big picture need to be put in place. You may have all the pieces, but need to rearrange them and fit them with the right pieces. You may find that you are missing some pieces, and may have to search for pieces else where. This is all a metaphor to say you are truly the builder of your success.

3rd Step to Success

As the builder of your success, when things get difficult, you can always find help. This is when you ask yourself, "Who becomes successful?" There is a saying that only losers say "Success is given to the lucky ones." I'd advise against that thought process as well, as it takes away from your true potential of success. I'd also advise against the idea of "work hard and make sacrifices". There are many people who work hard and makes sacrifices only to come short to their success and have tons of regrets. Instead, go back to nursey rhymes, fairytales, and children stories. From an adult's perspective, you may realize how these were more than just a way to pacify children when they became rowdy. There are subliminal messages in those stories, whimsically weaved into the words to plant a foundation of understanding, in the child, of the world they live in. Look at the nursey rhyme "Row, row, row, your boat" or "The Itsy Bitsy Spider". Re-read "The 3 Little Pigs" or " The Tortoise and the Hare". Compare these to any success book that is out there today. The only difference is the success books are longer and not as whimsical.

Finding Help

Success books are very helpful! Having a foundation does not create the structure. It just provides solid ground to build a stable structure on. The children's stories and songs may help identify good foundations, but success books may help you in areas where you may feel clueless. Success books provide relevance to scenarios that you may encounter on your way to success. What book you use may vary based on your purpose.

Other than success books, you may also look towards other people for assistance. The people you may reach out to will also vary based on the need at hand. If you need financial assistance, you may look towards a family member or bank. If you need help with getting some work done, you may reach out to friends or hire employees. If you need guidance on planning, you may look for a a business mentor or success coach. If you are looking for help right now and may be unclear on where to go, subscribe to a Just For You plan. With a subscription, you can reach out to us directly and request help. We will help you find what you need and send it directly to you. Eliminate the stress and long searches for resources by subscribing today.

Best Source for Success

While reading about success of others may give you hope on making certain moves towards your own success, some of the longest thriving successful people may suggest looking at the failures of others. Failing may not be the direction where you want to go, but it does serve as a great learning opportunity on how to avoid it. Some of the most successful people may either encourage your failure or recommend studying others failure. If you want to avoid failures, take the time to read documents about failures of others who have attempted what you are doing. If what you are doing has never been done before, document every failure. Take some time to recover. Then try again and use that fail as a way to make progress. There is no success without failure, so don't allow failure to be a hinderance to your success. Every failure adds more value to your success journey.

What is success to you? If you still haven't answered it yet, just think of what goals you want to accomplish and why. Remember, making that dream happen starts with you. It's your success story. Start dreaming, start planning, start building, and enjoy your life journey!

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