The Journey of Focusing: Search and Road Mapping

Your prize is in sight. You are narrowed in on it, and your path is clear. You know what you want. At this point, there is nothing stopping you from getting it. This is normally how focus begins. You see what you want, with the desire to get it. However, when things are taken out of that narrowed down perspective, and drawing up the plans to acquire this prize is needed, focus starts to get a little blurry. Depending on the prize you are looking for, focus can sometimes get lost. In this series, "The Journey of Focusing", we will touch on reasons why we tend to lose focus and how to regain it.

As a person who has struggled to find my way to certain successes, I understand, first hand, some of the trials and tribulations faced when trying to get started. Of course, these struggles do not stop after you have started to make your moves. They continue throughout the entire success journey. There is a combination of simple practices we can use to overcome these struggles. If for some reason, any of this practices have been interrupted or set off course, it will delay the success process. Focus is one of these practices. It tends to be set off course when it is interrupted with a shift in our mental, physical, or financial state.

One of the simplest things that cause our focus to deplete in the first few steps towards achieving goals, is the search for resources. Whether the resource is a source of ideas, materials, information, processes, etc., the long, frustrating searches for those resources can drain your motivation and shift your mood from focused to procrastination. This is a mental state shift.

Your time is valuable. Your goals are achievable. If you want help, subscribe to the Just For You blog, designed to provide you with resources to help meet success goals.

In the blog "Affirmations to Success", we touched on the need to say "Yes" to the idea of being successful. This practice is the foundation to being successful and opens the door to motivation. Motivation is the second and most valuable practice. The blog "Motivation is Key" highlights why, by explaining its importance to starting your success journey. Not only does it start your journey, it aligns you mentally to focus on your goal, the prize in sight. Focus is like the road map to success. Maps have definitely come a long way: from hand made clay tablets, to printed paper, to satellite provided global positioning images. However, our success map is not exactly the same as regular maps.

When we focus on our goals, it starts as a vision. You can imagine yourself having it, living it, or living in it. This is a great start and builds motivation to go after it. We mentally shift gears, at this point, from seeing it, to doing it. Doing it requires planning and setup. Research may be needed. Help may be needed. Finances may be needed. The list of resources that need to be searched can seem endless. Friends, family, co-workers, and associates who share same interests may be beneficial at this time, whether they know they are helping you with your project, or not **wink wink**. (Like, bribing your little cousin to clean your paint brushes. Now you have clean tools to start another job. I see you!)

While having this network of people is very beneficial, some of us may not have that type of network and have to do this on our own. These searches to get started or to move forward on a goal can be very time consuming and wearying. To successfully overcome this issue, you need a few things before searching:

  1. Detailed plan of what needs to be done. (ex. Write a book encouraging people to be their best selves)

  2. Specific details of the resources needed. (ex. Publisher, Illustrator, References, Words/story, Marketing strategy, Budget)

  3. Plan for using resources (ex. Publisher to publish and print book as well as promotes sales. Illustrator to draw book images, etc.)

Details, details. Details! The more specific you are the the less you will need to search. The internet has a ton of resources that can be helpful, or hurtful, to your cause if you start searching without specifics. Not only are the specifics helpful to your search, but it adds clarity to your success road map. This keeps you focused on your prize and fires up the motivation to keep going.

Like most people in the internet age, I've been on the internet searching for answers that my network (people around me) could not help with. That is one of the main reasons why I created this site. In my search over the years, I came across websites that had a resource of information to assist with finding jobs. When I was looking for jobs, those resources were almost like a blessing. It was not the same, however, when building your own idea/career from the ground up. Understanding the value of your time and dedication to your goals, we've designed a source of tested and well reviewed resources in a special package available on this site called Just For You. This package is designed to eliminate the long, frustrating searches and provides you with resources to help you with whatever your current success goals are. With your subscription, if you need something specific, we will search for it and send it directly to you. Click the "For You " tab to start your Just For You subscription based blog.

Next month, we will talk about other causes that can negatively impact your focus. We will break down how they impact our journey to success. We will also discuss how to overcome them. As a reminder to my readers, I am that friend you can come to. This is Your Life, Your Success Journey, and I wish you well through it. Enjoy your life journey!

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