Motivation is Key

What get's us up out of bed? What gets us to find something to eat? What makes us get up off our butts and do anything? Despite how you answer any of these questions, the end result would be motivation. Motivation, by definition from Oxford Languages, is "the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way." We also know motivation to be a desire or willingness to do something, which it is. Motivation comes in various forms for so many different reasons, but also gets lost like keys with no keychain. So, how do we keep motivated to gain success?

Have you ever got ready to go some where, just to get to your door and realize, you forgot your keys. It could be the car keys or the house key, yet you forgot them. You know you need that key, but you never really secured it. Now, your trip to your destination, has been delayed because you're flipping couch cushions, and throwing stuff on the floor looking for your keys. This is also what happens when the destination is your success. Why haven't you reached your point of success yet? Because you forgot your keys to success, motivation. Now, you have to take some time to find it again. Unlike keys, motivation is not always a tangible item that you can see or feel. So flipping couch cushions aren't going to help in this situation. Similar to finding keys, however, retracing your steps does help to find what your missing.

If for some reason you lost that motivation and need to find it, retrace your steps. When was the last time you felt motivated? If you bring yourself back to the thoughts and feelings of motivation, you may start to get a sensation of that lost motivation back. If that wasn't enough, are you truly passionate about it? Reminding yourself of the purpose of your goals normally uncovers that lost motivation for you to reach in and grab it again. Once you have rediscovered your motivation, lock it in with a "keychain" before you lose it again.

"Nothing worth having in life comes easy." Theodore Roosevelt

Easier read than done right?! It is easier to read it! Reading the information is not going to get you the skill you need to keep hold of your motivation. It takes practice, strategy, and, most importantly, effort. Life pulls the old "distraction theft" process by throwing changes after changes. Then, while focused on the changes that keep coming, motivation is lost and personal success delayed. When you realize your off track, what do you do about it? Some of the the most successful people in the world have shared their methods to staying focused and navigating life changes, like Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carrey, Steve Harvey, 50 Cent, and so much more. They all end up saying the same message, which is "Think of your next move towards success". Keeping yourself motivated is the key to success. Here are a few tips to stay motivated:

Keychain For Motivation

  1. Create a routine and practice it consistently.

  2. Write down your goals and read it every day.

  3. Think of the next move you can make in the present, the here and now.

We can plan out our moves for success all day, which is great, but we cannot plan for the unknown. Life will always bring changes, and at any given time, we only know what is presently happening. The goal is to adapt, adjust, and keep moving. Following the "Keychain For Motivation" helps you to remain consistent, focused, and provides guidance through changes. If presently things have changed and your plan to success is off track, think of your next move towards success. Stay motivated to reach your success on time.

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