Focus and Patience

Do you have a hobby? I love doing crafts. Making stuff with my hands, seeing it look and work the way it was intended to, brings me lots of joy. Learning that it worked beyond what I had intended is also very exciting. Doing crafts is not always as great though. Having a hobby teaches you lessons that you can use in many different parts of your life. In my case, I have a creative hobby that requires both focus and patience, as well as some other skills. Both focus and patience go hand in hand when you are working on becoming successful. Here, we will touch on how they work together and why it is important to use them for gaining success

With the convenience of the internet, anyone can pick up a new DIY project and get step by step instructions to get you through the project. Within 5 or more mins, you can see all of the steps completed with the end result of what you can expect when done correctly. What is excluded from the short video is the experience of the wait time during the project, which makes both the video and the project even more appealing, because the project appears to be quick and easy. This can also be said about success. If we see a successful person, we may get a short version of how they made it to success and the end result, with no experience of the actual time it took to gain that success. This gives the same appeal as the DIY video, it appears to be quick and easy. You won't truly understand the difficulties, set backs, or wait times you will face with the project until you actually start the process. A good DIY video will set those expectations so that you are aware that it will happen, which will help significantly. Likewise, when finding good resources to help you along your success journey, it should include both the highs and lows of the journey.

Though everyone's success journey is different, the same statement applies "Success does not happen over night." There are obstacles to overcome, skills to learn, distractions to avoid, etc. Each experience you go through towards your goals will challenge you, with good intentions. At the time of these challenges, it may not seem like there would be any good that could come from it. There may be feelings of doubt, worry, fear that may start to surface, but rest assured that it has a purpose in your journey. Knowing that these challenges are not in vain, or to just sabotage your efforts, is a key to getting through them. The journey that lies ahead not only leads to your goals, but also prepares you for how to properly handle receiving your goals. Each challenge faced can be seen as training for similar situations ahead. Negative thoughts can be expected. One effective tip for negative thoughts is to recognize the thought as an intrusive thought. If that doesn't settle your mind, another tip is to acknowledge the feelings, what is causing these feelings, and take time to figure out how to fix the feelings. Self awareness is a very important part of success. The challenges you face may shed light on areas of your own self awareness that may need time to develop.

You are talented! Whether you were born with a talent or discovered a natural talent for something over time, you know you have it and you want to build on it. This talent may be what you will use to reach your success goals. However, even with all that talent, you haven't made it to where you need to be. You may not have the time to showcase your talent, or the courage. You may not know where your talent would be appreciated or how to make it more popular. What ever reason you've found for why you haven't been getting far with your talent, you know what it is, which is a starting point to awareness. This is a good starting point even though it's like a wall you can't get around. At this point, it is natural to have negative thoughts or start pointing fingers to blame something or someone else for this obstacle, to escape the work of fixing the problem. This surprisingly opens the door for quitting on yourself. "It's not my fault." " If only things were different..." are just some of the negative thoughts that help to lead astray from self awareness. By taking accountability for your obstacle, you start to become more self aware. With accountability, you try to identify what you need to do to keep going forward. This may take some time for trial and error, self evaluation, skill building or whatever you need to do to figure out how to improve. Your talent is great, and will only become greater with patience as you work on improving the things you can identify within yourself. All of it aligns with your main focus, your success journey.

If you find yourself distracted, swirling in negative thoughts, or overwhelmed, it is ok. This journey can sometimes feel like your riding on the handles of a manual train cart. Sometimes you're up high, then you're down low and as you ride, it seems like you aren't going anywhere but up and down. As you focus in on the details of your journey, it can almost feel like a lot of work while standing still. The details are important, you are not standing still. As you continue to push through those highs and lows you strengthen your force to move forward, building momentum as you find your rhythm. In other words, focus and patience with the details moves the bigger picture forward, like the manual train cart. The only way you will stop moving is if you stop pushing through the ups and downs. So here are a few thing to keep in mind when your feeling low:

- Be self-aware of your thoughts and feelings.

- Identify why they are happening.

- Be patient with your growth and progress.

- Acknowledge even your smallest efforts. They are worth celebrating!

Your success is waiting for you on the other side. Affirm it. Stay Motivated. Remain Focused.

Enjoy your life Journey!

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