Emotional Decluttering and It's Benefits

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We've all heard about decluttering, the practice of clearing an area so that the space is aesthetically pleasing. We've decluttered our closets, pantries, garages and cars. What about decluttering your emotions? If you feel that you are not your best, or you've lost yourself, not feeling as your normal self, this is for you. During the pandemic all over the world, people have been forced to be alone or with the same people over longer periods of time. This confinement has brought on personal realizations that our normal way of living allowed us to ignore. Some of us may have taken this time to unpack emotional trauma and have found a lot of benefits to gain after. Lets find out what they are.

Decluttering Emotions

So where do we start? Do we even want to start? If you noticed there is a pattern in your life that tends to keep you from doing things that would benefit you, meeting new people, exercise, start a project, etc. then you want to start to declutter some emotions. Most reasons why we tend to stop ourselves from doing something is because of a self trained reflex to a past experience we don't want to repeat. This experience does not have to technically be our own, however because we witnessed or were affected by the bad result, we already set up barriers to avoid it from happening again. Those patterns and barriers are where we start the process.

So here is a quick rundown of the process. Of course, before you start this, you want to be in a comfortable environment by yourself, or with someone you trust who knows that you are doing this. Sometimes it can get a bit unpredictable and...well...its best to do this in a safe environment. So as mentioned above, you have started the process of decluttering your emotions once you have identified "when this happens I tend to do this to avoid this," The next step is to ask yourself "Why? Why do I do this?" This will start to lead you down the path that you have been trying to avoid.

The most important part of decluttering emotions is to trust the process. Allow yourself to uncover why you act in this manner to understand what you are trying to avoid. After identifying what happened, what you are trying to avoid, and how it made you feel (then and now) things get easier. You've done the had part. Like any decluttering project, the hardest part is starting and continuing until things have been cleared. These emotions and experiences you have identified were like a pile of crap that you threw a tarp over. You no longer see the crap, but at times when you get close to it, you can smell it and you just want to get away from it.


At this point, you will be feeling all kinds of emotions, but things will seem more clear. Your goal from this point will be to form better habits that allow you to both avoid that issue from happening again as

well as not allowing that issue to hold you back from new experiences. Already, I'm sure you can tell what the benefits are. If not, here is a list:

  1. Self esteem booster

  2. Clear thought process

  3. Happier moods

  4. Experience new things

  5. Lower the risk of Health issues (mental and physical)

  6. You stop holding yourself back from reaching your goals in life

There you have it. That last one is golden. All of these benefits will lead to a better way of life and many successful moments to come. So take sometime for yourself, declutter those emotions. Change your life from within to make life around you better.

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