Affirmations to Success

Affirmations! What are affirmations? How do affirmations apply to being successful? If you have ever seen "Yes Man" with Jim Carrey or "The Yes Men" it is something like that, but more personal. Affirmation, if you look it up in the dictionary, is the action or process of affirming something or being affirmed (in simple terms "say yes to"). It is also known as emotional support or encouragement. Going back to those movies and how affirmations apply to being successful, as the boss of your own life, you are the "Yes Man" to your own requests for your success.

Studies Show...

If you think you got it from here, just hold on a bit. There are levels to this method. In order for it to truly work, you should understand a few things first. Affirmations can redirect your mindset to help you create and stay motivated. However, studies have found that affirmations can have a negative affect on some people. Who, might you ask? Psychological Science have done a number of test. In some test, they have found "Positive Affirmations" can have negative outcomes on people with low self-esteem. From personal experiences, we can all agree.

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How often have you skipped over a seemingly positive post that wanted you to believe you were worthy, desirable, or deserve more. While scrolling you may have made a face or had a dismissive thought that rejects the idea that the post even applies to you. I know I have, but that is exactly what the test on positive affirmations and people with low self-esteem proved. (Side Note: Do you have low self esteem because of what you just admitted to? No, or at least not today.) When a person with low self-esteem says something positive about themselves that they don't believe, it often yields a negative reaction. While in reality, it may be an eye roll or salty words while scrolling through Instagram, I envisioned the test being lots of crying and throwing stuff out of anger of being asked to say these positive lies about themselves. (I'm dramatic like that sometimes SMH)

How to properly use Affirmations

Does this mean you need to fix your self esteem to use affirmations? Absolutely not! There are levels to this method. If you are a well adjusted high or moderate self-esteemed human being, start claiming your happiness and giving your self stamps of approval. However, if you are not so sure about whether affirmations will work for you, Psychological Science has proven that the correct form of affirmations can help anyone. Despite your self esteem level, affirmations are beneficial all around. As mentioned before, affirmation is simply just "say yes to" and in this case you are just saying yes to yourself.

If the sugar-coated message saying "You deserve the world because YOU ARE" is not for you, that is ok. All that means is that you have a bit of baggage you need to let go of. Yes, baggage! Emotional or traumatic baggage that you have been suppressing may make you feel lesser than what you deserve to feel. Whether this is the case or not, where ever you are at in this point presently is not where you will stay.

"We live in a constant state of change, therefore what is happening now will not happen forever."

This is where your affirmation starts. "I am sad at this time, because of insert reason here. But, it will not last and I am going to be better soon." By acknowledging your present state, the cause of your present state, and that you will not be in your present state forever, you will start to feel the intended mind shift needed for positive motivation. By acknowledging the hurt and the cause of the hurt, the emotions will definitely grow, but it is important not to fight it, just allow it to flow. Whether it comes out with a scream, tears, or deep breathing, it will come up like an emotional vomit. Vomiting usually comes with relief once what needs to come out, gets out. So just allow yourself to say yes to that present emotion. If you are anxious, depressed, broke, out of shape, whatever your current situation is, for you to move past it you must first accept it with the stamp of approval called affirmation. "I am insert emotion here at this time, because of insert reason here."

Once you have approved those present feelings, you can then move forward with facts, "But, (that has passed, it will not last)." Sometimes our current moment may feel like it will never leave. The only reason it feels like that is because we wallow in the feeling so long we don't realize we are approving it to stay as long as it does. Some may stay in the feeling privately in fear of bothering others with their feelings, where as others may dish out there problems on everyone in hopes someone else can help get rid of it. Either way, neither are able to get over their problems since they continue to avoid addressing it themselves. Decluttering Emotional baggage is a topic I address in another blog and has many benefits. However, by continuing your affirmations with facts rather than feelings, you allow yourself to accept an inevitable achievement, which is progression towards a positive mindset.

As you continue with your affirmation statement, you will find a positive ending, "and I am going to be better soon" You can use that affirmation how ever you see fit. With whatever affirmation you use, it is important to add that positive aspect that you believe. With that stamp of approval on your belief, you have declared a positive outlook for your self that is sure to occur.

If the movies "Yes Man" and "The Yes Men" taught us anything about affirmation, its this, by saying yes you are more likely to gain success. With the proper use of affirmation, and applying that code of saying yes to your motives toward success regularly, you are sure to recognize that mentality shift towards success.

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