Affirmation: I Am Capable

Another day has passed, and you are putting in as much effort as you can to make your dreams a reality. You're balancing family life, social events, and work, all while making time to create your new life. With everything that is going on, at times, it may seem a bit overwhelming. The voices of doubt may be whispering for you to quit. Using the steps provided in previous blogs such as Motivation is Key, Affirmations To Success, and The Journey of Focusing: Searching and Road Mapping, you continue to push on. You totally Rock for not quitting on you!

Affirmation Statement: I Am Capable

The fact that you haven't quit on yourself, and you are here to continue to stay focused, shows one important quality that many unsuccessful people lack. That quality is "effort". You are making great efforts to accomplish your goals, and rightfully so. With this effort, you will accomplish your goals. This effort that you show everyday proves that you are capable of making this life change. So, how do we overcome that little voice of doubt who is whispering the opposite of what you are? You are in the right place for that answer. This is your reminder that "You Are Capable!"

I am capable? That's it! That simple statement may not seem like much, but it is pretty powerful after you have identified what has been causing you to feel overwhelmed. The little voice of doubt isn't always a bad guy. It actually is your subconscious pointing out some inconsistency in your habits that is making your tasks a bit tougher. At this point, you may want to listen to what the doubts are saying. Try to understand the reason why it is that you are feeling an urge to suddenly quit or procrastinate. The goal of this exercise is not to give in to these doubts, but to recognize the conflict that can actually be hindering your progress to be successful.

Identify and Resolve the Problem

Once you are able to identify why you have been considering putting things off, the next step is to take a moment to resolve the issue. Depending on what it is, it may be resolved within a matter of minutes. If you are overwhelmed, and find yourself asking "What am I doing", then you may need to write out a simplified version of your plan. A simplified version of your plan is just a clear and short description of your plans outline. The best way to clear up confusion is by showing that you understand. The best way to show you understand is by expressing your understanding in the shortest way for others to understand. In this case, it's not for anyone else but you, so make it in a short and simple way that you can understand. With a simplified version of your plan, you are able to put it somewhere in sight, or in your organizer, so that when the question comes up again, you can reference back to it and regain your focus.

Now, there may be other reasons as to why doubt has been in your ear lately. Depending on your goal and life experiences, your reasoning may vary. However, whether you are concerned about having enough time to commit to things, concerned about energy, delays that have come up, or whatever you have identified this conflict to be, the method of taking time to resolve it will work for you. With the mindset of being capable, any limits or conflicts that you may find are only obstacles that you have not thought about overcoming yet. By taking some time away from your work, you are able to allow yourself an opportunity to think about how to overcome the obstacle. However, that time must be short, at max 24 hrs.

The Power of Being Capable

Being capable means you have affirmed that you are able to get whatever you set your mind to. So, when you identify the conflict or obstacle, take a moment to remind yourself that " I am capable." Then, think of what you can do to get past that obstacle or conflict. There is always a way to resolve a problem, because every problem has a solution, or it is not a problem. Some problems have multiple solutions, but if you try to keep moving forward without taking the time to find a solution, then you may end up creating more problems. With the quality of effort on your side, taking a few minutes to figure out a solution to your conflict will silence the doubt and get you back on track towards your goals.

After finding a solution, the last step is to put it into action. Losing your train of thought while working on tasks? Use your sticky notes or the reminder app on your phone to keep you on track. Once you have your resolution, the quicker you put it into action, the sooner you will re-energize your motivation and focus. Before you know it, you will be back on track working on your next move towards your success. Remember, your success can only be achieved by you, so make sure to take care of yourself. Create a routine of relaxation. It can be as simple as a drink of Stress Relief Herbal tea, or as grand as a spa day made just for you at home. Give yourself that moment you need to think about overcoming the obstacles you've recognized. Also, enjoy your life journey!

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