5 Toxic Habits To Quit For Success

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"Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says I'm Possible." - Audrey Hepburn

Somewhere between elementary and high school, you may have been asked to imagine where you would be in the future as an adult. For some, this practice may have actually occurred, or reoccurred, as a young adult moving into the working class. I can only imagine the twinkle in your eye and grin on your face as you conjured up the "Future You" in all your success and glory. Despite when that exercise of envisioning occurred, you may be finding yourself thinking about it all over again. This time, instead of an excitingly optimistic vision of what will be, it is a depressingly frustrating question of why it hasn't happened yet.

If you found yourself at this point in your life, where you are sizing your age versus your success, or lack there of, lets start by looking at our habits. Habits are the regular behaviors you practice, and at times become hard to stop. Good habits you practice would revolve around proper hygiene, healthy eating, exercising, and other behaviors or activities that prompt a healthy lifestyle. The habits that we want to look at would be around your thought process.

"Everyone who is successful, must have dreamed of something."- Maricopa Native American Proverb

The successful version of your self was born in your thoughts, when your mind was still impressionable about your future. So, what happened between then and now? What was needed to continue to nourish that new born idea of you into a manifestation of the reality you? It all starts with the habits of your thoughts. In order for you to gain the success of your dreams, you must first think it. Easy, right?! We all know success is not always easy, but without thinking about it, how would you know when it has been achieved. After you thought about it, you start to act on it. This maybe where things between successful you and reality you failed to connect.

The transition from thought to action may come along with a few obstacles. However, if you knew those obstacles were just in your mind, would it make it any easier to overcome? Your habits can either help you or hurt you. Good habits tend to promote a healthy life style while bad ones lead to the alternative. This is the same with the habits of your thoughts. There are 5 toxic habits that we tend to succumb to which we can easily overcome with the change of our thoughts. However, the first step is ACCEPTING that YOU ARE CAPABLE OF CHANGING your habits. If you feel that first step is difficult, please take a moment to breathe 3 times while slowly repeating "I am capable of change" and then proceed to continue reading.

Toxic Habit 1: Procrastination

I can't do it today, my favorite show is on. I can maybe record a video now, but the mic is still in the mail, so I'll wait. I'll lay in bed a bit longer, I'll try to workout later or tomorrow, or whenever I feel like it. Excuses, excuses, excuses! One of the worst habits we often do to hold off on doing something. We may have some good excuses at times, but excuses are just a scapegoat for not using simple problem solving skills majority of the time. Procrastination is a toxic habit when it comes to achieving success. "But what about the mic that I haven't received. I need to have patience until it arrives." 😐😑😐

As important as patience is when it comes to success, procrastination and patience are not the same, ever. You can try to use patience as an excuse for your procrastination. However, since procrastination is still in that sentence, the path to success looks grim. Patience is a process that takes place after work is completed, in which you are now waiting for the results from the completed work. While, procrastination, on the other hand, is the lack of doing any work, which in turn provides no results at all.

So, how do we turn procrastination into patience? Simply put, you have to stop looking for excuses and just start doing the work. Procrastination can be overcome by attitude change. When you start to think of an excuse, follow up with, "How can I work around that?" Thinking and attitude change takes a lot of energy. So, if you notice a sluggish thought process to attitude change, you can motivate faster results by eating healthy food and being active. If your success includes a hot bod, then starting here will boost your success rates up super fast. I challenge you to do the research. You'll be surprised at how food can change your mood in a matter of minutes and how yoga will get you working on your path to success with a smile. Or, you can subscribe to Just For You, our sites subscription based blog. It will give you helpful resources and eliminate the search process.

Toxic Habit 2: Self Doubt

The door to success is right there. You identified and started to work on overcoming procrastination, and you are feeling the the motivation start to propel you towards the the door. As you are about to push the door open, a bouncer is at the door, with a clipboard and a long list of reasons why you can't even make it past the door. That pesky little voice of self doubt that has a way of sneaking into our thoughts as soon as we start moving in the right directions is the bouncer. That self doubt can lead us down a confusing path that makes us forget our motives and plan directions.

This is just another mental obstacle you need to face, and you can. You are your hardest critic. Why are you always so hard on yourselves? Because you know all the good and bad about yourself. As living beings, we are a product of our environment. If our environment tends to mainly see the bad, and rarely see the good, then naturally our thought process will do the same. That bouncer at the door is you, with a list of all the worries and excuses that you've worked away around. However, this list includes some additional doubts that may have been over looked or is just a result of negatively overthinking.

Since you've just started working out this new attitude muscle to think of work arounds, this bouncer can be a bit intimidating. At this point you need some backup to help you move it out of the way towards success. Supportive family and friends can definitely benefit in this area. You can also build your own internal reinforcement by practicing the following:

  • Words of Encouragement - You know yourself better than anyone. look in the mirror or close your eyes, and speak those encouraging words to yourself. " I am capable of doing this. I have come this far and I know I can keep going."

  • State Your Strengths - List what makes you capable of being successful, whatever those strengths may be. " I am funny. I can sing. I am smart. I am strong" Remind your self of those strengths everyday.

  • Words of Affirmation - Claim your success. You created this successful version of you. No one else can be that person but you. Remind yourself, "This is my calling/destiny. This success belongs to me."

“You already possess everything necessary to become great.” - Crow Native American Proverb

Toxic Habit 3: Fear of Rejection

Now you have your fire power, and this bouncer is looking pretty timid. You can now move it out the way and push that door to success wide open. As you look at the path in front of you and you see what lies ahead, that little timid bouncer reminds you of why it was in front of the door in the first place. Along the path of success you will be looking for acceptance; the acceptance from potential bosses, investors, fans, clients, and the list goes on. With the amount of prospects out there, you are looking at a lot of possible rejections.

A fear of rejection will feed that self doubt bouncer and before you know it, you're right back at trying to end procrastination. This tends to happen so easily, we don't even notice that we automatically rejected ourselves before getting out there. This is another mental block that you can overcome. With each small victory over one obstacle, comes another powerful tool you can use to continue to go forward. As you continue to practice attitude change, problem solving, and positive reinforcement, you will be able to bounce back from rejection.

Rejection is not guaranteed to be the first response you get along this path, but it is always good to be prepared. With each rejection, the goal is to gain as much information as you can to get the "Yes" you need. If the first rejection happens to be from yourself, take that opportunity to ask yourself why. Practice getting that information you need to turn it into a yes. Then apply it to actual opportunities towards your success. After all, every shot you don't take is a miss. Allow others to tell you no, and then ask why. You may be surprised to find out that they actually said "Yes" instead.

Toxic Habit 4: Lack of Focus

As you work your way towards your success, you may start to see some progress. You can experience a bit of the success you've envisioned, and you like it. It has been tough getting this far and right now it may seem a bit comfortable, so you settle a bit. if this sounds familiar, you may be that person who has been settling a little to long and instead has become complacent. Your not satisfied where you are, but at the same time you are not where you used to be. Complacency is a place you may stop at when you lose focus. I've been there. If you haven't already read it, take some time and read "Escape the Job".

**Snap, Snap** Now it's time to wake up. Yes, you got a taste of the vision, but did you work so hard just to taste it? Did you start this journey just to settle for less than what you set out for? To get out of that place called complacency, you have to first acknowledge that you're there. Is this all that you wanted? If not, what is success for you? Remind yourself of where you want to be. Create a Vision Board if you need to. Put it where you will see it as a reminder of where you want to be. For example, place it in front of your toilet, or on your mirror. Place it strategically, where you will see it for long enough to focus on it without interrupting your schedule.

Your Vision Board will be one of the most effective ways to stay focused. Here, you can have your Vision Board made into a Focus Charm and sent to you, with a number of different ways to create an effective board for you. Click here to get your Focus Charm.

Toxic Habit 5: Not being prepared

What a wonderful feat you have accomplished thus far. You've been exercising and polishing all these powerful mental tools to overcome the biggest challenge in your way, yourself. Now that you have the tools to get out of your head, it is time to get to work. Are you ready? Do you know what to do next? How effective is your plan since the last time that you attempted to reach your success?

The world around us is always changing. For example, in the year 2019 we were walking in large crowds sharing food, items, air, all carefree and 2020-2021 we are quarantined into our homes being asked not to even breathe the same air as our neighbor. Point is, what worked once before may not be as effective today. It is important to stay informed and up to date on what leads to your success. To stay prepared, you should research the latest and plan for the future. Being innovative also comes in handy. Success is that much closer now. Stay prepared so that tomorrow it will be yours.

Updated 3.9.2021

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