Meet the face
behind the posts

  Fiona E. has been using life experiences to gain life answers. She finds a message that would bring more insight on how to overcome everyday obstacles.

  As a problem solver, she looked toward the internet, as most people do, to find answers. When none could be found, she would use her experience, knowledge, and research to find the answers needed. She wrote down her helpful and success driven notes to use along her life journey.

   These notes have brought positive outcomes throughout her personal life and close friends. Now, she is sharing them with anyone who needs them.


Why a Success Blog?

        Many people have found themselves at a point in their life where they know they should be doing more. As a response to this urge, the energy is sometimes misplaced, causing that urge to grow into frustration or depression. 

         This blog site was started as a way to show that you are not alone. This experience is a natural human response to an environment that takes away self quality time and turns it in to servitude. As a way to satisfy this urge, and with the hope of making the only 2 people in life happy (8 year old you and 80 year old you), motivating and inspirational articles are added regularly as a reminder of the necessities to any success: Affirmations, Motivation, and Focus.


         If you have a passion, and want to accomplish your goals, but keep losing site of it because of life, then these blogs are here for you. Feel inspired again. Find your path in life. Be the version of yourself you were born to be.


Enjoy your life journey!